How Does Bollywood Impact Indian Lifestyle

The film is meant to be just a reflection of society, but it is very compelling and deeply affects the characters of the viewers. We eagerly follow movies and incorporate them into our lives using specialties like versatile Bollywood websites and tools on our phones. There are some things we take from movies and make them part of our lifestyle, intentionally or unknowingly.

Groups of people use a specific brand of hand sanitizer, sanitizer, vehicle, all-purpose or clothing because their beloved Bollywood artists are spreading the word. Nor is this the primary way Bollywood affects us. We even prefer to copy the stars’ interpretations and design models from their famous films. Furthermore, these are just a few of the many obvious or subtle influences Bollywood has on our lives.

Movies like Babol, which raises questions about widowhood, or those like Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, which reaffirm Indian social achievements in the opinion of their guardians, will generally leave us wondering if Bollywood is just entertainment. Rang De Basanti made the highly cliched and politics-centered theme of MIG events a breeding ground for insensitivity. Only after the film did people start asking for responsibility.

There are a number of middle-aged films, especially by new-age leaders like Madhur Bhandarkar and Prakash Mehra, that require a reconsideration of the life around us. They make us examine the foundations and make us aware of our privileges and duties, which remain largely invisible, even outside of government surveillance programs. Likewise, films have influenced audiences by presenting topics focused on social policy, for example in films such as Ran, Jolla, and Corporate.

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