A Brief History of Bollywood Horror Movies

Bollywood has entered the hate genre and has made great films over the decades. From making your own films to relying on fixes for massacres and robberies, to finally agreeing what really happens with the abomination; The shrill market in India has certainly developed. Here is a brief history of Bollywood horror movies.

Kamal Amrohi made the main Indian blood film and Ashok Kumar and Madhubala appeared. Called “Mahal”, which in English can be rendered “royal residence”, the film is based on a resurrection, an idea that has largely settled in the Indian position. This has to be a major Bollywood movie and is known to have blown up many careers. Ashok Kumar, Madhubala, and singer Lata Mangeshkar owe a lot to Mahal.

The 1960s and 1970s had great Bollywood movies about blood and gore, and the vast majority of them were about rebirths, scary places, and so on. (Twenty years later) And of course Madhumati.

However, that changed again with Rajkumar Kohli’s film Nagin (The Female Snake) (1976), which changed the true idea of ​​blood and blood movies in Bollywood. This elegant film was hugely successful in the film industry and paved the way for Jani Dushman (The Enemy), directed by Rajkumar Kohli.

The horror genre has become comical and rewarding, and humorous tales like Madhumati and Bees Saal Baad have been replaced by gifs in which a couple or group of teenagers have to camp out in an old mansion, only to find it terrifying. This was the staple of the Ramsay brothers, who have made several films about why. The Ramsay brothers have been a staple of the apocalyptic genre for at least 10 years and a large number of their films, such as Veerana (The Desert Area), Purana Mandir (Old Temple), and Do Gaz Zameen Ke Neeche (Underground) have a faction that also follows Today in the DVD market.

Despite that, the Indian crowd grew fully to the point of rejecting setbacks and revivals in the 1990s, and the terrible brand of Ramsay faded afterward, and then a generally reserved boss named Ram Gopal Hot morphed into Bollywood movies. Blood and Blood. done. . His Raat (The Night) was one of the few Indian thrillers to have no shredded paper cosmetics and no blood flow, so his Raat was one of the few to air. Gory and gory movies are still considered one of the most surprising thrillers.

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