The making of Indian films is based on an important assumption of an important fact. The important fact is that the majority of the Indian population is made up of ignorant people living below the poverty line. The important assumption would be that the ignorant and helpless Indian audience must escape the real factors that are immediately evident and appreciated in the fictional world of films. In this way, Indian films are essentially created to “attract” them. Original films do not have to be represented. The long-practiced transformative equation will gradually become clear as you read.

Along with the above doubts, additional rules have been created to help you join an Indian movie.

The main variable is your time: you must have enough. Films usually last three hours or more. Assuming you enjoy watching it on movie channels, it can take up to five hours with each forced break in between. Assuming you take the DVD / VCD home, the constant “sending” you need to do to get rid of the scary junk will eventually. Therefore, it is advisable to expand to theaters.

You must be anxious for melodic parties. The melodies and moves are hidden in the hottest or everyday shots of the film and often surprise you. These “things” make up more than 33% of the film’s surface. If you’re not exactly the melodic type, take a break and go to the bathroom. In any case, the issue in question is the means by which it is conducted on a regular basis. The melodic direction is the most perfect entrance.

Must have strong family ties or ideally all common family ties and a strong sense of opinion. Otherwise, you will likely leave yourself away from the father, baby, mother and baby, full sister, siblings, or father and girl who are stimulating the movie.

Similarly, you must have the spirit of the vengeful Heavenly Messenger. The relentless brutality against the big names should piss you off a little, while the legend of vengeance in the final long shot at the end of the circle drives you nuts.

Laugh out loud for the crudest, rawest humor, which usually consists of body movements, wet or distorted faces, distinctly multi-faceted shades, or a little good humor.

o If you find yourself with too many weak cells, you should leave a good portion at home before coming to the theater. Assuming you also have a consistent psyche, do whatever it takes to let yourself go completely for hours.

You can take your family with you most of the time. Hot shares, if there are any, will surely end not long before. It is a healthy hobby for the whole family. thank you

These rules do not apply to original, single, or multiple films; Some have been done in a similar fashion in the past and others are now being produced for viewers in developing cities who regularly visit the complexes.

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